Therapy and Counseling Service Options

Through Tuscaloosa Center for Cognitive Therapy in Alabama, Dr. Vaughans provides professional counseling services proven effective in divergent settings ranging from employment to academic and the religious community to the social and organizational.

Find ways to improve skills related to respect, confidence, and empathy. This is essential to breaking habits and exhibiting poor behavior.

Get help from an impartial counselor so you can acquire a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamic. This way, you can create a safe space for yourself and your partner.

Learn to develop healthy boundaries, improve communication, and define roles within the family. All these are essential to making family dynamics and relationships work.

Through cognitive therapy, patients learn to understand their thoughts and how these contribute to anxiety symptoms. Therapy helps you revise thought patterns to reduce the likelihood and intensity of symptoms.

Therapeutic intervention is vital for people suffering from grief. Through group counseling, viable options for treating severe distress and impairment are explored.

Pet loss support groups offer structured, safe places where people can share stories. The group setting helps them understand the universality of their experience.

Aside from identifying the causes of stress, counseling helps to understand the role that thoughts play in increasing stress levels. The process provides therapy recipients with a sounding board to talk about issues with which they’re trying to cope.

Psychotherapy helps patients learn ways of coping with stress so that they can manage symptoms of depression. Successful strategies enable recovery and allow patients to function at their best.

By undergoing therapy, patients understand what causes anxiety and realize what triggers symptoms. As a result, they overcome anxious thoughts and panic attacks. As well as regain control through proper prevention methods.

Therapists help patients cope through exposure to things they fear, regular practice of relaxation techniques, positive self-talk, and professional guidance. This helps limit the negative effects of performance anxiety.

Through personal growth and individual mentoring, people develop the skills to manage their own learning, optimize potential, improve performance, and become the person they want to be.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is also instrumental in alleviating emotional distress arising from a variety of reasons. Therapists work hard to discern applicable options to address this.

  • Onsite Support Groups for Companies
  • Grief Etiquette Coaching/Training
  • Presentations/Workshops
  • Program Development Consultant (Ministry, Hospice, etc)
  • JLife for Seniors (Joyful Lifestyle Groups)
  • Memorial Service Planning/Speaker
  • Grief Camp for Children Planning/Facilitation

Ask for Recommendations

Take stock of your situation. If you’re experiencing any of the above and wish to receive counseling or therapy, please let Dr. Doris know.