Life Happens, Counseling Helps

Providing Professional Counseling and Other Services

Life Happens, Counseling Helps

Providing Coaching and Training Services

Heal Emotionally Through Cognitive Therapy

Meet Dr. Doris Vaughans of Tuscaloosa Center for Cognitive Therapy in Alabama. Having counseled more than 2,000 clients, she is a compassionate practitioner revered for helping individuals, families, and organizations overcome adversities.

Described by clients as a ray of hope who provides caring that matters when it matters the most, she is a sought-after professional presenter. She provides grief etiquette coaching and training.

Dr. Doris is also a facilitator of Intentionally Joyful Lifestyle “Funer-gy” groups and grief support groups.

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A Message From Dr. Doris Vaughans

“I am Dr. Doris Vaughans. Compassion and empathy came to me naturally as a young child. I grew up and became a registered nurse. Subsequently, in 1996, the death of my beloved father changed the course of my life and professional career.

“In 2007, I became a professional counselor. Through my work, I can be my authentic self. Fortunate and humble, I am convinced that there is an intrinsic reward for living a purpose-driven life.

“Life ebbs and flows. Change, though certain, is not always welcomed. I fully commit to the goals of hope and healing by helping others face the most challenging times in their lives.

“I love empowering people and organizations so that they could adequately respond to the ebbs and flows of life purposefully. This way, the space for growth and renewed synergy is created.

“Each day, I look forward to using all of my skills, knowledge, and experience as I journey with you and help you accomplish your therapy goals.”

Seek Professional Help

Don’t keep emotional problems bottled up inside. Discuss your predicament freely with Dr. Doris, a licensed professional counselor. Consider cognitive therapy solutions.